We were fortunate enough to be invited to present a lighting session at the April 2014 JBUG Scotland meeting.

The talk was title ‘Getting Started with Apache Solr in Openshift’ and provided a (very) quick tour of Apache Solr and its ecosystem as well as the problems the products solve, before dipping into how you could get up and running on OpenShift so you can leverage search in your solutions, exploring some of the key aspects of OpenShift along the way.

In preparation for the session we prepared a couple of repositories so attendees could get up and running following the session:

An Apache Solr QuickStart – https://github.com/LogicalSpark/openshift-solr-quickstart
An Apache Tika Cartridge – https://github.com/LogicalSpark/openshift-tika-cartridge

Both will continue to be updated and we are also preparing a proper Apache Solr Cartridge which will make it even simpler to use Apache Solr in an OpenShift environment. Keep watching our Blog and GitHub for more information.